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How Landscape Contractors Plan their Work

There are some things that landscape contractors can do to your land to make it as beautiful as possible. In the process of refurbishing your outdoor space the many subcategories of the functions of contractors include planting trees and flowers and constructing landscape features such as patios and paths. The services that landscape contractors offer can be divided into four subgroups. The way that landscape contractors approach their work is a very important thing to put into consideration.

While at work, there are a number of processes that a contractor will follow to ensure that they give you the best landscape to suit your lifestyle. The first thing that a contractor will want to do is an inspection of the place you wish he/she works on. This will be done so that there can be an estimate of the cost of the project. There will also be an estimate of the required time. It is in this case that the contractor socializes with their customers. The contractor should have the ability of creating a rapport with their customers. They will be able to talk freely to each other. The contractor will also be able to understand the lifestyle of the client from this visit. This knowledge will be helpful at the time of deciding on the designs.

After this, the contractor will then show you the type of designs that can best suit your piece of land. Your suggestion will also be necessary. At the end, the contractor is not the one that makes the final decision. The conclusion will always be made by the client. The contractor will not have to argue with the client no matter the kind of choice the client insists on. In most cases, contractors in this cases charge to either show or sell a design to a given customer. The landscape will move to the next design once they have concluded and settled on a design decision.

What comes next is the agreement. The cost will be the next thing after they have settled on a given design. The cost should be inclusive of everything including all the small details. Make sure you know the contractor that will be doing the job; either if it is the one you are talking to or if it will be another. Sometimes contractors could have specialization and end up not updating each other well. This is the time that a contractor will give you the contract to sign. Make sure that you read and understand all the terms and condition.

Lastly, the actual construction and planting will begin. After there is an agreement on all the above things it is necessary to set start and end dates. As a client you have to learn the art of patience. Things like trees will take much time to grow.
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6 Facts About Shoes Everyone Thinks Are True

Online Stores for Nike Shoes

Most people from all over the world have embraced Nike shoes due to the great brand image they have made for themselves. The great quality of these shoes make them very popular with sports stars and athletes since they are very suitable for playing sports. Since people tend to have different tastes and preferences when it comes to picking shoes, Nike shoes are made available in different styles and designs. There are very many Nike shoe designs based on shape, size as well as colour. When you wear these shoes with the right outfit, they tend to blend well with it and give one a classy look when attending occasions or events.

Wearing Nike shoes enable people to look very smart and attractive. These shoes are mostly used for sports especially in the olden days though one can wear them with stylish outfits and still look good. These shoes tend to be very comfortable for those who are wearing them especially those people who are having foot problems. When it comes to Nike shoes, durability is a major aspect as it lasts for a very long period of time. The material used in making these shoes is of very high quality which is why most people buy these shoes.

One should ensure that they get genuine Nike shoes when purchasing them at stores or online. When purchasing these shoes, one needs to have a keen eye as there are plenty of fakes or replicas flooding the market. In order for one to distinguish between the real and fake ones, you can inspect to see that the logo is in place. This way, you will avoid getting conned for getting a fake shoe that is of low quality as compared to what you bargained for. It is important for one to choose the best designs there are in the market when buying them. After doing so, they can compare their prices and designs after which they can make the purchase.
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Those people who are interested in buying Nike shoes can get them online as there are plenty of stores which avail them. Buying these shoes is way better than getting them from a retail store as it is too costly. If going for a specific design, one should search thoroughly for all the stores offering these shoes online before spending more money at retail stores or outlets.
Understanding Stores

The rates one is offered for buying these shoes online are cheaper as compared to retail ones. Going online for these shoes will help one get a variety of colours and designs as well unlike when shopping in retail stores. This way, one can have themselves a good pair of Nike shoes and use them to the best of their advantage.

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Why ATMs Have Become So Popular

ATMs have become so popular in the current world. All this is because of technology. An ATM is an electronic machine that makes it possible for people to complete transactions. Apart from withdrawing cash, it is possible to pay bills. In the past, people did not have ATMs, meaning that life was a bit hard. You had to sweat a little bit more because there were no ATM machines. To complete any transaction demanded that you walk to far places and queue for long hours. This made the process tiresome.

Today, ATMs have been constructed even close to your doorsteps. Not only has life been made simple but also comfortable. Before using an ATM, you must have an ATM card. This is a fundamental tool for all transactions. It is inserted in the ATM machine and information processed. By touching the screen, you give the machine commands. You will use the card next time after it is released by the by the ATM.

In today’s world, ATMs have become so common, this article will discuss the reasons behind it. ATM machines are convenient. There is a high probability of finding ATMs everywhere. Deep in the remote areas, you are likely to find an ATM. The burden of walking to town centers to access banks has been eased.

Customer attendants are not employed in places of ATM machines. Using an ATM is quite simple. The knowledge of giving and following commands is what you are supposed to have. The technology of today has simplified work and made life efficient.

What if you require a faster means of paying bills? Go for an ATM. You may be disappointed in the future. You may find your employer delay your salary. This implies that the several bills that you are supposed to pay to have to wait. But this is not what it is supposed to be. You may end up being disappointed if you do not attend to your bills in good time. No one wants to turn on the lights of their home and discover that they are not working. Or maybe walk in your bathroom and on opening the tap, you find out that the water is not coming out.

Even at the last minute, you will be able to attend to your bills. This will save you the inconveniences you are likely to face in the future. It is economical to use ATMs. Costs of transacting using a bank is quite high. With an ATM card at your disposal, you are likely to cut on costs. This is because, their operation fees are much lower.

It is possible to face late night emergencies. Take, for instance, your wife is in labor in the middle of the night. What will be your next step? It would sound bad if you woke your friends in the middle of the night and start borrowing cash. ATM machines operate day and night. This makes it possible to use the machine anytime. This is only possible if you have an ATM card. Above everything else, ATM machines are fast. Any transaction requires you to use less than 5 minutes. So many people are served by a single ATM in a day.
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Android Security Cookbook

Android Security Cookbook
Android Security Cookbook
by Keith Makan, Scott Alexander-Bown

Android Security Cookbook discusses many common vulnerabilities and security related shortcomings in Android applications and operating systems. The book breaks down and enumerates the processes used to exploit and remediate these vulnerabilities in the form of detailed recipes and walkthroughs.

The book also teaches readers to use an Android Security Assessment Framework called Drozer and how to develop plugins to customize the framework.

Other topics covered include how to reverse-engineer Android applications to find common vulnerabilities, and how to find common memory corruption vulnerabilities on ARM devices. In terms of application protection this book will show various hardening techniques to protect application components, the data stored, secure networking. In summary, Android Security Cookbook provides a practical analysis into many areas of Android application and operating system security and gives the

What you will learn from this book

  • Set up the Android development tools and frameworks
  • Engage in Application security concepts
  • Use the Drozer Android Security Assessment Framework
  • Customize and develop your own plugins for the Drozer Framework
  • Exploit, enumerate, and analyze common application level exploits
  • Protect applications from common vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Reverse-engineer applications for common code level vulnerabilities
  • Secure application networking, SSL/TLS
  • Encryption to protect application data


“Android Security Cookbook’ breaks down and enumerates the processes used to exploit and remediate Android app security vulnerabilities in the form of detailed recipes and walkthroughs.

Who this book is written for

“Android Security Cookbook” is aimed at anyone who is curious about Android app security and wants to be able to take the necessary practical measures to protect themselves; this means that Android application developers, security researchers and analysts, penetration testers, and generally any CIO, CTO, or IT managers facing the impeding onslaught of mobile devices in the business environment will benefit from reading this book.

Python Data Visualization Cookbook

Python Data Visualization Cookbook
Python Data Visualization Cookbook
by Igor Milovanović

Today, data visualization is a hot topic as a direct result of the vast amount of data created every second. Transforming that data into information is a complex task for data visualization professionals, who, at the same time, try to understand the data and objectively transfer that understanding to others. This book is a set of practical recipes that strive to help the reader get a firm grasp of the area of data visualization using Python and its popular visualization and data libraries.

Python Data Visualization Cookbook will progress the reader from the point of installing and setting up a Python environment for data manipulation and visualization all the way to 3D animations using Python libraries. Readers will benefit from over 60 precise and reproducible recipes that guide the reader towards a better understanding of data concepts and the building blocks for subsequent and sometimes more advanced concepts.

Python Data Visualization Cookbook starts by showing you how to set up matplotlib and the related libraries that are required for most parts of the book, before moving on to discuss some of the lesser-used diagrams and charts such as Gantt Charts or Sankey diagrams. During the book, we go from simple plots and charts to more advanced ones, thoroughly explaining why we used them and how not to use them. As we go through the book, we will also discuss 3D diagrams. We will peep into animations just to show you what it takes to go into that area. Maps are irreplaceable for displaying geo-spatial data, so we also show you how to build them. In the last chapter, we show you how to incorporate matplotlib into different environments, such as a writing system, LaTeX, or how to create Gantt charts using Python.

This book will help those who already know how to program in Python to explore a new field – one of data visualization. As this book is all about recipes that explain how to do something, code samples are abundant, and they are followed by visual diagrams and charts to help you understand the logic and compare your own results with what is explained in the book.

What you will learn from this book

  • Install and use iPython
  • Use Python’s virtual environments
  • Install and customize NumPy and matplotlib
  • Draw common and advanced plots
  • Visualize data using maps
  • Create 3D animated data visualizations
  • Import data from various formats
  • Export data from various formats


This book is written in a Cookbook style targeted towards an advanced audience. It covers the advanced topics of data visualization in Python.

Who this book is for

Python Data Visualization Cookbook is for developers that already know about Python programming in general. If you have heard about data visualization but you don’t know where to start, then this book will guide you from the start and help you understand data, data formats, data visualization, and how to use Python to visualize data.

You will need to know some general programming concepts, and any kind of programming experience will be helpful, but the code in this book is explained almost line by line. You don’t need maths for this book, every concept that is introduced is thoroughly explained in plain English, and references are available for further interest in the topic.

Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook

Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook
Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook
by Alper Dincer, Balkan Uraz

Day by day, the use of location data is becoming more and more popular, and Google is one of the main game changers in this area. The Google Maps JavaScript API is one of the most functional and robust mapping APIs used among Geo developers. With Google Maps, you can build location-based apps, maps for mobile apps, visualize geospatial data, and customize your own maps.

Google Maps API Cookbook is a practical, hands-on guide that provides you with a number of clear, step-by-step recipes that will help you to unleash the capabilities of the Google Maps JavaScript API in conjunction with open source or commercial GIS servers and services through a number of practical examples of real world scenarios.

This book begins by covering the essentials of including simple maps for Web and mobile, adding vector and raster layers, styling your own base maps, creating your own controls and responding to events, and including your own events.

You will learn how to integrate open source or commercial GIS servers and services including ArcGIS Server, GeoServer, CartoDB, Fusion Tables, and Google Maps Engine with the Google Maps JavaScript API. You will also extend the Google Maps JavaScript API to push its capabilities to the limit with additional libraries and services including geometry, AdSense, geocoding, directions, and StreetView.

This book covers everything you need to know about creating a web map or GIS applications using the Google Maps JavaScript API on multiple platforms.

What you will learn from this book

  • Create simple maps and display them on mobile devices
  • Style your own base maps
  • Add your own tile maps as base maps or overlays
  • Show vector layers on base maps in various types such as points, polylines or polygons
  • Parse various vector formats such as KML, GeoRSS, GeoJSON, WKT, and so on
  • Create a custom UI and customize your own ways to control it
  • Respond to various events including mobile gestures
  • Add additional libraries to extend the capabilities of the API
  • Work with Google Services for geocoding, directions, StreetView, and so on
  • Integrate open source or commercial GIS servers or services


Google Maps API Cookbook follows a fast-paced, high-level, structured cookbook approach, with minimal theory and an abundance of practical, real-world examples explained in a thorough yet concise manner to help you learn quickly and efficiently.

Who this book is written for

Google Maps API Cookbook is for developers who wish to learn how to do anything from adding a simple embedded map to a website to developing complex GIS applications with the Google Maps JavaScript API. It is targeted at JavaScript developers who know how to get by but who are also seeking the immediacy of recipe-based advice.